Aluminium mobile tower JUST Leitern & Gerüste TYPE 47

Features and Benefits

  • European scaffolding JUST Type 47 are completely reliable. With the help of the additional parts which can be built on, depending on the level of the ladder or they may be connected to each other. Therefore, the basic frame is not necessary.
  • These versatile aluminummobile towers from JUST just became our hit sale. Thanks to the two platforms located next to each other – useful width of 1,20 m – and three standard lengths, they can be applied in almost any field.
  • Height from 2,5 m to 12 m manufactured in accordance with EN HD 1004 / ÖNORM B 4007 (in accordance with statistical characteristics can go as high as 22 m).
  • Length 1,85 m; 2,45 m; 3,05 m industrially manufactured (other length possible).
  • Width 1,35 m + stabilizer.
  • Permissible load 150 kg for m2, but max. 500 kg (scaffolding class 2)


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