About Us

About Prosafe

Prosafe Group has been involved in the supply and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for more than 20 years. Since its inception in 1995, Prosafe has established itself as one of the biggest safety equipment providers in the Indian Ocean region, supplying countries like Mauritius, Madagascar andMozambique, and now developing new markets  across the region.

Over the years, we have earned the trust of key players, leaders in their respective markets by putting all our energy and expertise into achieving our mission: to bring every worker home safely. Agriculture, mining, hospitality, textile, public sector, ports & airports: Prosafe Group covers a wide and exhaustive range of activities.

We truly believe that we achieved our goal of market leadership thanks to an undivided focus on safety.

Through our international network of suppliers and industry collaborators, we constantly keep ourselves updated on the various new approaches to risks assessments, the highest international standards and the relevant strategies deployed in the workplace to address the identified risks.


  • We endeavour to bring all workers home safely.
  • We create the best environment and provide training to employees so they can perform to the best of their abilities.
  • We aim to be involved in developing CSR initiatives in our vicinity.
  • We strive to abide by all rules and regulations prevailing the health & safety sector.


Our vision is to become the Indian Ocean’s leading provider of health and safety solutions.

Core values

Our team

Clement Narainen


Clement Narainen, Founder of Prosafe & Co. Ltd since 1995. He build PROSAFE from scratch to what it is now, the Leading PPE distributor in Mauritius.
He was the one who develop the strong and long lasting relationship with international PPE manufacturers such as Honeywell, Ansell and Capital Safety.

Jean-Eric Narainen

Managing Director

Jean-Eric Narainen, Managing Director of Prosafe & Co. Following his studies in International Trade, Jean-Eric join the Prosafe team in 2009 as a Sales Coordinator. In 2011, he started a prospection in Madagascar and after several visits, he successfully secured some important clients. Now Prosafe is present in Madagascar and is one of the leader in the supply of PPE. In 2016, Jean-Eric also developed Prosafe operations in Mozambique.


General Manager

David Bagnath, is a Chartered Engineer from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE, UK) and a Registered Professional Engineer from the Council of Registered Engineers (CRPE, Mauritius). He is holder of the PMP certification from Project Management Institute (PMI, USA) and a Full member of the Association for project managers (APM, UK).
David is a multidiscipline engineer and has managed various brown field projects in countries such Mauritius, Zambia, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Eswatini, Ivory Coast and Spain for the past 18 years. David joined us in July 2022 as the General Manager of Prosafe and Prolift

Delphine Rouillon

Head of Procurement

Delphine Rouillon, joined us since Sep 2009 from Air Mauritius where she was an air hostess.
Delphine has occupied various function across the Prosafe group and is now at the Head of Procurement

Yusuf Peeraullee

Finance Manager

A Top level professional with 40+ years experience in managing the company accounts and finances across domestic and international arenas; adept at establishing high growth operations of substantial impact, reaching business and profit goals with corporate financing strategies, internal controls and financial analysis; senior management Leader with excellent skills in monitoring and analyzing various operational and financial aspects of an organization to facilitate sound business decision-making and greater efficiency and to provide value-added results that could add to the bottom-line.


Head of Technical

Hansraj Narayen, has a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, from the university of Limoges, France and a Master in Business Administration from the university of Technology, Mauritius. Hansraj joined us in July 2016 and has occupied various functions. Hansraj is now at the head of our Technical Department


Head of Operations

Veema Madre holds a diploma in Business Management and 15 years of international experiences in managing both FMCG and Pharmaceutical products. Veema joined us in July 2022 and is at the head of the operation team for our international cross trade business with Madagascar and Mozambique

Pravesh Ramlogun

Technical Engineer, Senior

Pravesh Ramlogun has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Industrial Systems from the University of Mauritius.
Pravesh joined us in August 2021, he provides technical expertise and training to the procurement and sales teams.

Jerome Mercida

Sales Leader

Jerome Mercida joined us in August 2016. He has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of the health and safety and is a specialist in fall arrestor system.