Honeywell BW Icon

The first multi-gas detector with an icon display — for fast decisions. Honeywell BW™ Icon is named for its display of simple icons for gas levels and device status. That means no live gas readings for workers to interpret and no time-consuming training. Instead, when there’s a gas alarm, the bell icon on the display will illuminate, along with an indicator next to the sensor in alarm, so workers can quickly clear the area.

2 months of battery runtime on a 4.5-hour charge — and up to 4 months if you turn off the detector at the end of each shift. No daily charging, no unexpected downtime

No service required, activate and use for two years

Bluetooth included for ease of downloading and sending reports via the Safety Suite App

Small, lightweight and wearable

One-button operation

IntelliFlash™ green light indicates the detector is in compliance; amber light indicates the need for maintenance

Compatible with IntelliDoX instrument management system and Honeywell Safety Suite

Compatible with TouchConnect, using Bluetooth® for wireless configuration

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