CE UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 S3 SRC ESD

Low shoe, MICRO-tech technical fabric thickness 1,8-2,0 mm.
Technical external fabric and reflective tape
Highly perspiring and abrasion resistant fabric lining.
Soft, lined and padded tongue.
COMPLETELY METAL FREE SHOETOECAP 200J polymeric composite non-thermic according to EN 12568
MIDSOLE flexible antiperforation composite fabric according to EN 12568
SOLE 3MOVE three-densities polyurethane antistatic, resistant to hydrolysis ISO 5423:92, to hydrocarbons and to abrasion, anti-shock and anti-slipping SRC
ANTITORSION insert in the sole to assure stability on uneven ground
INSOLE 5000 three-materials extracomfort: perspiring, removable, anatomic, absorbing, ESD and anti-bacterial
The shoes satisfies the requirement according to the norm IEC 61340-4-3:2017 (IEC 61340-5-1:2016) for the electrical resistance ESD

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