1 Point Harness

Honeywell Titan™ HD
1 Point Harness – H Design®


The Honeywell HDesign® harnesses are the new generation of harnesses dedicated to construction and general industry sectors providing the highest standard of safety to workers. Its brand new innovative and ergonomically defined H-architecture has been specially designed to provide a unique comfort and freedom of movement to users to let them concentrate on their job and do great work at height.


• EN 361 – Safety Harness.

Easy and quick adjustability & connection

• Easy to access and adjust buckles: Intuitive movement up to down.

• Very accessible anchor points: Bigger Back D-ring for easy Rescue Operations.

• Adjustable chest strap with mating buckles for a perfect fit in height and width.

• Adjustable leg straps with mating buckles.

• Easy front strap clip.


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